Stacey Brown’s Dream Bag Spell

Purpose: To encourage your dreams to answer your most burning questions.

Ingredients: lavender oil, mixing pot, yellow crayon, rosemary branch, piece of paper, plastic sandwich bag.

1. Pour twice into the mixing pot with the lavender oil and say: “To purity and to clarity.”

2. Using the yellow crayon, write a question you want your dreams to answer on the piece of paper.

3. Fold the paper and place it into the plastic bag.

4. Pluck 28 needles from the rosemary branch and sprinkle them into the pot. Say: “Rosemary, hold strong my dreams all full of wonder, as I lay me down to slumber.”

5. Mix the oil and rosemary in the pot with your fingers, concentrating on the action.

6. Pour the mixture into the plastic bag and close the bag up.

7. Slide the bag into your pillowcase or place it under your pillow for the night. Say: “With the strength of the moon and stars and sun, as I do, it shall be done. Blessed be the way!”

Stacey’s variation on this spell

Using a nontoxic marker or pen, write a question in the palm of your hand before bed. Meditate on the question for several seconds, telling yourself that your dreams will bring you the answer.