Stacey Brown's Courage Sachet

Purpose: To help conquer your biggest fears.

Ingredients: swatch of cheesecloth, dried thyme, small piece of paper, black ball-point pen, piece of string.
1. On the piece of paper, using the black ball-point pen, write whatever it is you fear.
2. Fold this paper up, as tight as you can get it, imagining your fear becoming smaller and weaker with each crease.
3. Lay the cheesecloth open in front of you and drop the folded paper ball into the middle. 4. Sprinkle the dried thyme atop it.
5. Gather the ends of the cheesecloth and tie closed with the piece of string.
6. Hold the sachet and repeat the following chant three times: I fear you now but not for long for with my courage you will be gone.
7. Keep this courage sachet with you whenever you need to remind yourself that you are much stronger than your fears.