Stacey Brown's Card Reading

Use a regular playing deck of cards. Shuffle the cards. Make a wish and cut the deck into three piles. Take seven cards off the top of each pile. Combine to form one new pile. Place this pile face down. This will be your source pile.

Now, you will make six new piles, using the 21-card source pile. You will do this by, first, taking the top card from this source pile, placing it face down, and chanting "To your house." Now, do the same for the next card in the source pile. Place it down, to make a new pile, and chant "To yourself." Next, place a third card down beside these and chant "To your wish." Then, place a fourth card down and say "What you do expect." Place a fifth card down and say "What you don't expect. Lastly, place a sixth card down (your sixth pile) and say "What's sure to come true."

Now, place your second cards down on these six piles, chanting the appropriate categories (To your house, etc.). Continue to follow this sequence until you have only one card left. This 21st card will be placed to the side. It is your wish card.

Now read your piles, according to their categories, using the key below. Read your wish card last. Note that Stacey's grandmother often did her readings three times to look for consistencies.

Ace - Letter
King - dark-haired older man with medium complexion
Queen - younger woman with medium complexion
Jack - younger man with medium complexion
10 - deep water/trip
9 - deep water
8 - water or bridge of water
7 - marriage or serious commitment
6 - letter over water or news from distance
5 - package or bundle
4 - strange bed
3 - fight
2 - quick news/e-mail, etc.

Ace - death, sickness, disagreeable affliction
King - dark-haired male with dark complexion
Queen - dark-haired female with dark complexion
Jack - dark-haired young man with dark complexion
10 - deep trouble
9 - sad disappointment
8 - long road
7 - moving/removal
6 - new baby
5 - surprise
4 - sick bed
3 - tears
2 - false enemy/not true

Ace - ring
King - fair-haired older male with fair complexion
Queen - fair-haired female with fair complexion
Jack - fair-haired younger male with fair complexion
10 - journey
9 - money
8 - good amount of money
7 - money
6 - money
5 - medium amount of money
4 - small amount of money
3 - small amount of money
2 - very small amount of money

Ace - strange building
King - middle-aged man with fair complexion
Queen - middle-aged woman with fair complexion
Jack - young man with fair complexion
10 - goodness
9 - wish card likely to come true
8 - good luck
7 - good luck
6 - good hearts
5 - good wishes/good news
4 - wedding
3 - salue/hello
2 - telephone news/good wishes