Stacey's Favorite Spells & Stuff

Looking for more spells? Check out my publisher's website where they post a spell a day.

On Stacey's Bookshelf: Deadly Little Games by Laurie Stolarz (Stacey scored an advanced copy), Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf, Confessions of a Teenage Witch by Gwinevere Rain, Elements of Witchcraft: Natural Magick for Teens by Ellen Dugan

Stacey's Candle Magic
White = purity, all things magical
Blue = things related to dreaming or nightmares, also calmness
Red = love, remembrance, strength
Silver = banishing secrets, astral travel
Yellow = clarity
Purple = psychic awareness
Green = money, nature, growth
Pink = affection, nurturing, romance
Black = beginnings, transitioning from the ending of one thing to the beginning of another

Stacey's Guilty Pleasures
Favorite snack: Mallomar cookies.
Touristy Trip: I'd love to go to Paris one day, even though I suck at French.
Fashion addiction: I go for comfort in the form of cute sweats, basic T's and sweatshirts, and Curvy Jeans by Gap (a wardrobe staple).
Dessert: Anything chocolate and gooey. I also love thick French toast pieces, topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.
Fast food: Pizza, definitely. My friend PJ taught me this trick where you dip the slice into a pool of maple syrup. Don’t laugh; it's delicious.
Beauty Binge: I'm an outdoorsy girl, so I'm big on sunscreen. I also like BareMinerals products, but for the most part, I whip up my own beauty products using ingredients like cocoa butter, sugar (for scrubs), lemon juice, and jasmine oil.
Late-Night TV: Reruns of Buffy.
Chick Flick: White Oleander (wait, is that a chick flick?).
Nightlife: Spending time with my friends, and doing moonlit spells to help me work through my crisis-du-jour.
Cheap Thrill: Soy or beeswax candles – so much better than the cheap stuff.
Ultimate Splurge: Essential oils – pricey, but essential.

Stacey is so excited about the release of BLACK IS FOR BEGINNINGS - the fifth book in the BLUE IS FOR NIGHTMARES series. It will be out in the fall of 2009. Keep checking back for more info!