The Blue is for Nightmares series

Nightmares. Dark Secrets. Premonitions of Death.

Welcome to Stacey's World!

It begins with the dreams. White lilies, the death flower. Being chased through the woods, knowing she cannot outrun her pursuer forever. Visits from the spirit of a girl who was murdered. Threats and taunts from an unseen assailant.

But that’s only the start. When the dreams begin to spill over into Stacey’s waking life, that’s when the nightmare really begins.

With over 500,000 copies sold, the Blue is for Nightmares Collection is now available as a boxed set, including a copy of Stacey’s spell book, filled with some of Stacey’s favorite home remedies.

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Want to know more about Stacey? Wondering what's on her bookshelf, or what each candle color candles represents? Visit STACEY'S PAGE Page for her favorite spells, recipes, and more!

Want some last-minute advice for school? Stacey, Amber, Drea, and PJ, four characters from the Blue is for Nightmares series, give you their thoughts on grades, friends, dating, and more!

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Left to right: Stacey, Amber, Drea, Chad, Jacob, P.J., Maura

Many thanks to illustrator Janina Gorrissen for her wonderful depictions of the cast of Blue is for Nightmares.

Want to see the group image in the sketching stage? Click here.