Seventy authors share their own personal stories about being bullied or bullying. My essay, "Dear Bully," tells about an experience I had in middle school.


Readers will fall head over heels for this nostalgic and irreverent collection. Twenty-six bestselling authors return to the teenage bedrooms, school hallways and college dorms of their youth to share passionate essays of love lost and found and lessons learned along the way. Whether heartbreaking or hilarious, their soul-baring honesty reminds us to keep reaching for true love wherever we can find it and for as long as it takes. Their intimate reflections will fascinate and move any reader who remembers her first love. My essay, "Consequently Yours" tells about a crush I had in college.

666: The Number of the Beast

This anthology brings together some of the most popular horror writers in one spine-tingling collection. My story, "The Legend of Anna Barton" is in here. It's the 100th anniversary of Anna Barton's death, the girl who supposedly haunts Schillington Prep (more commonly known as Chillington or Shrillington), a co-ed boarding school in New England. Anna used to be a student at Schillington, but when she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her, and there was no one around to offer her any support, she scribbled the words "You shouldn't have left me alone!" across her dorm room wall shortly before she killed herself. Legend has it that now, every twenty-five years following Anna's death, someone on campus will die. So far, that legend holds true. While most of the students abandon the campus for the anniversary weekend, one group decides to stick around to see if Anna's legend will continue to live on.

Love is Hell

Sure, love is hell. But it's totally worth it. Authors Melissa Marr (Wicked Lovely), Scott Westerfeld (Specials), Justine Larbalestier (Magic or Madness), and Gabrielle Zevin (Elsewhere) join me in this compilation of supernatural love stories, where love may be twisted and turned around, but it's more potent than ever on its quest to conquer all. My story "Sleeping with the Spirit" is in here. You think you have love-life troubles? Try falling in love with a ghost who's using you to communicate with the living so that he may pass on.